Rehearsing with Percival

Awarded with Best Director and Best Editing

First Night 48 Hour Film Festival. Held on Dec 9th – 11th, 2011.

A 48 Film Festival is when a group is given 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a film together based of the parameters drawn randomly, and given to each group.

This years included the following that had to be put in the movie:

Theme: The Dawn of Time; Year of the Dinosaur

Prop: Something Red

Line: “To you this might look suspicious, but let me explain.”

Action: Someone doing “Metal Sign” to Camera.


Directed by
Shaun Springer
Writing credits

(in alphabetical order)

Shaun Springer


Cast (in alphabetical order)
Amanda Caballero Dancer
Joni Elizabeth Katherine
Vivian Jean Hale Victim
Brian Robertson Sebastian
Liam Rush Percival
Ryan Stocks Pterodactyl
Original Music by
Cinematography by
Bryan Gosline
Film Editing by
Bryan Gosline
Date: December 2011 Client: North By Northwest's First Night 48 Hour Film Festival 2011 Skills: 48 Hour Film Festivals, Short Films