Tilt-Shift Timelapse: Cliff Drive

This was my first try at time lapse with the tilt shift look. A few experiments were tested with this video. I wanted to push the capabilities of the GoPro Hero 2. I took a photo every second on the GoPro Hero 2 from a park in Spokane, Washington called Cliff Drive. It’s the generic ‘go to’ place to oversee the whole city. I wanted to see the action of the city in a time lapse with a tilt shift look. In doing this the original photos were very wide and the city was very small due to the GoPro nature. I had to zoom in quite a bit on the photos in post. As you can see the GoPro does have some cropping/zooming room, but it does bring up the things that may be hidden in the wide version such as noise and clarity. It was fun to test it, and to learn the technical limits the images taken with the GoPro.

Date: April 2012 Client: Spokane Parks and Recreation Skills: Timelapse